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  • Streaming Media Display for Reception

    Streaming Media Display for Reception
    This series of displays is industrial LCD screens with physical resolution of 1280*720*RGB to 1900*1080*RGB.
    Keywords: industrial LCDscreens
    • Introduction
    • Parameters
    • Characteristics

    This series of displays is industrial LCD screens with physical resolution of 1280*720*RGB to 1900*1080*RGB. 

    Users can download various videos, pictures, and user data through ethernet with embedded 4 GB memory. 

    It can also control the display through RS485 communication mode, such as presenting dynamic text, arrival information, station information or playing video and so on.

    Spec 19 INCH 17 INCH Spec M19A M17A
    LCD size 19.0 inch 17.0 inch Video Stream Format:RTP (MPEG4+MP3) Format:RTP (MPEG4+MP3)
    Resolution 1440*900 RGB 60Hz 1280*1024 RGB 60Hz Image Format JPEG,PNG JPEG,PNG
    Dot Pitch 0.283(H)*0.283(V)mm 0.264(H)*0.264(V)mm Image Scaling Support Support
    Viewing Angle 170°(H) 160°(V) 80°(typ.) Storage 4GB( extended to 32GB) 4GB( extended to 32GB)
    Brightness 250cd/m2(Typ.) 380cd/m2(Typ.) Upgrade Time <10min <10min
    Ratio 1000:1 1000:1 Network 10M/100M bps 10M/100M bps
    Color 16.7Mcolors,24bitRGB 16.7Mcolors,24bitRGB Network Cascade Support Support
    Response Time 6.5ms(Typ.) 6.5ms(Typ.) Maximum Output Power 4Ω/2W*2 4Ω/2W*2
    Backlit WLED WLED Speaker 8Ω/1W*2 8Ω/1W*2
    Back light life >30000H(min.) >50000H(min.) Input Voltage DC77V-DC137V DC77V-DC137V
    Working Temperature 0--+50℃ 0--+50℃ Input Current <0.5A(30A/110V DC) <0.5A(30A/110V DC)
    Storage Temperatuhe -20--+60℃ -20--+60℃ Power <30W <30W
    Audio Format MP3 MP3 LCD sreen size 428(H)*278(V)*18.5(D)mm 358.5(H)*296.5(V)*15.8(D)mm
    Video Formht H.264,MPEG4 H.264,MPEG4 Total size 468.6(L)*465(W)*25(D)mm 420(L)*350(W)*38(D)mm

    Total Weight ≦5KG(without package) ≦4.5KG(without package)
    1. Industrial embedded operating system, which runs reliably and stably for a long time.
    2. Supporting network/SD card online upgrade, including program upgrade and media data upgrade.
    3. Containing a scaler with built-in video and image.
    4. Frequent power-off/power-up does no harm to the product
    5. Supporting H.264 and MPEG4 HD video playback
    6. Supporting JPG, PNG and other image formats
    7. Broad viewing angle
    8. High reliability and durability
    9. Effectively prevent vibration, electromagnetic interference, high temperature and certain intensity impact
    10. Supporting JPEG, PNG, RAW and other image formats
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