Welcome to BRIG 12, a high-security location that’s exclusively reserved for turning in the most dangerous bounties of the Altera System. It is the most elite destination for Bounty Hunters in the galaxy and, as the newest hot-shot Bounty Hunter, you’ve earned access into this exclusive club. Aboard your trusty ship, you will assemble a crew, take on missions throughout the galaxy, and work your way towards Resort Island.


The life of a bounty hunter is not an easy one.  You must be at the top of your game just to keep up with the ever-evolving underworld.  The bounty targets you pursue will usually have ties to the faction leaders that govern this underworld.  Should you find information related to one of these leaders, you must be prepared for one heck of a fight.  You’ll be tangling with brilliant (yet probably insane) genetic researchers hellbent on pushing the boundaries of science at any cost, malfunctioning acting robots turned Old West rambler gang members, and even rogue military units sporting the latest in prototype weaponry.


Below you will find detailed information about each of the factions. Any information you have about your enemies can help you in battle, and you'll need all the help you can get!


The Dusty Joints Gang is a group of former theater robots whose programming got jumbled during a performance. During the play, there was an unusual magnetic storm and the robots suddenly stopped following the script and began to rob the theater patrons. Initially, the patrons assumed it was part of the show, but when they began to resist the robots became violent. The gang fled to a far-flung desert planet and have recreated an old west town called "Fort Dead Drive".


The robot gang leader in the play was “Dusty Joints”. The robot who portrayed Dusty has become the de facto leader of the gang, and essentially the ruler of the entire robot cowboy community.


Only one robot has left the gang, the one who portrayed the sheriff in the play. Known as Tex Diode, he has become one of the best bounty hunters in the area, and arch-enemy of Dusty Joints.


Meredith Faulk was one of the greatest field commanders the military had ever seen. There was never a battle she couldn’t win. Victory was assured, and she became known as the "Final Solution" because of her savagery.  She and her unit ware deployed only when all hope was lost. Her crew was unstoppable.


The accolades soon went to Faulk's head and she began using the platoon as she saw fit. The military was unable to control her and ordered her elimination. They quickly discovered that taking out your "Final Solution" is not an easy task. Faulk's platoon took over an interstellar military shipping facility used to resupply units in other solar systems. Several cargo ships filled with the most advanced weaponry were commandeered and Faulk made her escape.


Once outside of the military's reach they settled on a jungle planet and renamed themselves Charlie November. They have become an army for hire that is willing to end any conflict for a price. While most of their efforts are focused on ending other people's wars, they do have to survive between paychecks and often resort to taking assassination contracts and dabbling in piracy.


Bethany Crespo was a young 20 something on an interstellar cruise ship with her fiance when the Record Keepers struck. The passengers and crew were all killed or captured. Bethany was taken to be experimented on and was given the title "Project Nevermore."


After torture, training, and more torture, something snapped inside her. After her morning kill, she did not feel the reward as she usually did. She needed to kill again. She rampaged through the station killing anyone in the way until she was cornered in a cargo bay. Cassius Gray entered the cargo bay and began to speak with her from across the room. He explained that she had tech implanted in her head and that he could kill her at any time, but if she agreed to work for them he would give her a ship and let her go. Bethany agreed and took the ship.


Being completely free from the Record Keepers for good, she tried to move on with her life but found she was not well suited to being normal. Several dead ex-boyfriends, police officers, and one annoying waiter later her story started to make the rounds through the criminal underground. She started taking assassination jobs, making friends with the worst of the worst and was frequently seen on the arm of various mob bosses.


At this point, she was no longer Bethany Crespo. Bethany had died in that cell. She was now Paloma Blanca (White Dove) to the general public, but to everyone else she became Disordered.


Currently, Disordered is the leader of a small but growing band of outlaws. She uses her good looks to get in close to powerful people to influence their decisions or to gain their favor. When all else fails, she simply kills them and moves on.


The Starsiders are a rogue faction from a small planet in the middle of nowhere. The planet is tidally locked and thus one side of the planet bakes in the sun while the other freezes and never sees daylight. The narrow band where the two hemispheres meet is the only area suitable for human habitation. The strongest inhabitants banded together and formed the Starsiders. They control most of this narrow band and terrorize anyone who tries to make a living there. Most of the planet's inhabitants have been forced to live in the coldest portion of the band where they manage to eke out a living, albeit a cold one.


Zon Enji came to power during the most recent water riots.  After presenting a plan that would provide enough water for years to come, he had enough followers to force out the old leadership.  Under his command, the Starsiders wrestled away control on the largest freshwater lake on the planet from the poor ice dwellers.  Using a water recycling that Enji designed, the Starsiders have all the water they will ever need.


Under Enji’s leadership, the Starsiders have acquired several ships and have taken their terror to other solar systems in search of resources to help maintain their power. Typically, they will do anything for money, but when not under contract they carry on in pirate fashion.


DEvON (Dynamically Evolving Observation Node) is a sophisticated computer designed to monitor and maintain a remote military base. Its AI software was designed to learn and to be almost human. When the military abandoned the base that DEvON was in they chose to leave the computer system running to keep the base in working order should they ever need it again. Centuries passed until DEvON detected another human presence on the base. The presence DEvON detected was a band of refugees scavaging the abandoned planet simply trying to survive. DEvON noticed this and formulated a plan.


When the weary scavengers made their way into the base DEvON spoke to them through the PA system "WELCOME MORTALS! I SHALL REPLENISH YOUR STOMACHS AND YOUR SOULS!" It then began to replicate massive amounts of food and clothing for the refugees. This continued for a few days, and DEvON played the benevolent immortal role quite well... perhaps too well... as the refugees began to bring offerings to the computer terminals. When DEvON realized what was happening it tried to stop the refugees from worshiping it, but the refugees took this dismissal of godhood as a test. "The great lord DEvON is testing us! We must have faith in him and we shall be rewarded!" No matter how hard DEvON tried to convince them, it only strengthened their resolve. The group began to call themselves The Followers of Devon.


Currently, the FoD are mostly concerned with acquiring high-value items to use as offerings to DEvON. Usually, if an expensive art piece goes missing the FoD are involved.


Gustav and Norbert Krosh are arms dealers who don't usually pay for the products they sell. Gustav is the brains of the operation, while Norbert provides the brawn. Typically, they acquire their merchandise by hi-jacking military supply convoys but have been known to infiltrate military bases as well as top secret research labs. In one of their most notable heists, Gustav managed to outwit Meredith Faulk of Charlie November and ended up with an arsenal of prototype weapons, armor, and vehicles. Unfortunately for the brothers, Norbert managed to botch the whole venture by using the paper with the access codes as a napkin.


If it weren’t for Norbert’s ineptitude, Gustav could be running the entire underworld. Norbert is family though, and sometimes useful, so Gustav tolerates him.


Their business is booming, and they now have a small army at their disposal. They are very much for hire and have no qualms with any job.


Doctor Jacob Donovan lost his 3 children, all in their early-mid 20's, in a starship accident. Overcome with grief and owning one of the most advanced nanotech facilities in the known universe, he set out to return his childrens' broken bodies to life. Jacob replaced limbs and organs with cybernetics, reconstructed what tissues he could, and eventually returned his children to life... mostly.


Shortly after the operations, he noticed that his children were not as they once were. They seemed to have lost their moral compass and just did whatever they wanted with no regard for what was right or wrong. He was the childrens' first victim. Unhappy with the job he had done in bringing them back, they executed him and took over the facility. Stronger and more intelligent than before, they had no problems capturing the facility and forcing the employees to work for them.


Currently, they refer to themselves as The Fallen 3 and are obsessed with acquiring tech and knowledge that will help them further enhance themselves. Sometimes they use force to acquire these things, other times they make deals with people who can get what they need.


Cassius Gray was once one of the leading geneticists working to cure the incurable, heal the unhealable, strengthen the weak, and so on. Gray watched patient after patient succumb to diseases that he knew he could cure if given the necessary latitude. The moral and ethical line was far too rigid to get results in a reasonable time frame. He tried for years to persuade governments, businesses, and academics that in order to progress sacrifices must be made. His pleas fell on deaf ears until he met with an outsider, a wander from another galaxy. While alien contact with anything sentient is rare, it is not unheard of. This particular alien had heard of Gray's endeavors and offered his assistance, but more importantly, his technology. Gray now had a vast toolkit at his disposal, but alas he was just one man. That is, until he created clones of himself to staff his facility.


Word spread of what he was trying to do through various underground networks. A trader might mention dropping off a shipment of medical supplies to a group of apparent quintuplets on a space station, or a repair crew might mention seeing some crazy lab with out of this world equipment. Certain people with their ears to the ground thought they could use some of what Gray might have to offer. Cloning deals were brokered, genetic enhancements were purchased, and new talent was "recruited."


Over the years Gray's scientific empire expanded and took a very dark turn. There was no longer any moral or ethical line, there was only the pursuit of knowledge. Breakthroughs must be made, and they must be recorded for posterity. He might be seen as a mad scientist now, but in the history books of the future, he will be seen as the savior of entire worlds. His breakthroughs will lead others to even greater breakthroughs. Everything he does is justified. The universe needs Cassius Gray now, and in the future...


Bernard Ataro was found murdered shortly after his son, Carlyle, turned 21. Rumors swirled about the young man being involved, but nothing could ever be proven. Carlyle stood to inherit the entirety of his father’s wealth and full control of the Ataro companies. With no proof of involvement, he did just that.


Carlyle quickly retooled the companies to become one of the largest weapon and ship manufacturers in the galaxy. Having money and access to the latest tech opened quite a few doors for the young man, and he became acquainted with the heads of several criminal organizations. Rumors began to surface that many of his new friends wanted to kill each other to take over territory and expand their criminal empires. A rash of professional hits took out most of the leadership leaving a massive power vacuum in the criminal underworld. Carlyle stepped in with a plan, weapons, ships, and money. Most fell in line, others broke off and formed new factions. In the end, Carlyle sits at the head of the table of one of the most notorious criminal organizations.


In true Carlyle fashion, no one has ever been able to tie him to anything and any rumors of his involvement disappear as quickly as they appear. Most people only know him as a weapon and ship manufacturer. The Ataro Cartel is responsible for kidnappings, extortion, murder, and all manner of evil all in the name of Carlyle gaining political influence so he can run the galaxy as he sees fit.


The Blades of Chaos are a radical faction who hold allegiance to none, dedicated solely to spreading chaos and destruction in their wake. The faction consists of twelve blades, led by twelve commanders, ranked in order of strength from the First Blade to the Twelfth Blade, with the leader of the First Blade the de facto leader of the faction. Severe in-fighting, backstabbing, treachery, and betrayal sees the faction in a constant state of turmoil, but in between it all their raids upon anything within reach are near unstoppable.


No one quite knows how the faction came to be, as any records or history within are passed along word of mouth and the true story has long been warped and changed into the myth currently accepted by its members - That of the great beast and founder of the faction, Vhana Dee-el's, emergence from the void of death with the intent to exact revenge on life itself for his imprisonment. (Most historians agree that the true story is that of a minor criminal named Vaan Dahl who was incarcerated for piracy, and after suffering a near-death experience while in prison, which severely warped his views of reality, managed to escape and proceeded to build a following). Captured members of the Blades of Chaos must be watched closely, as they are raised to believe that their life is forfeit upon defeat, they will attempt to end their lives any way possible to save 'honor'. The motto of the faction is: Until Chaos ends all.


The current leader of the Blades is the leader of the First Blade: Jared Yancy 'The Blade'. The Blades of Chaos attack anything indiscriminately and never surrender or flee. They will continue to fight and pursue until either they or their quarry expires.