To create the soundtrack for BRIG 12, we collaborated with Nashville musicians Incoherent Future hailing from popular bands including 3 Doors Down, Mumford and Sons, Allman Brothers Band, and more. Check out how this all came together in the video below: 

Inspiration for the soundtrack comes directly from the game – the band worked closely with our designer, and a co-producer of the soundtrack, Ken Eland to get an understanding of the developer’s vision for how music would play a role throughout the game. Design documents, early looks at the visuals for the game, and reference tracks from games, TV, and movies helped the newly formed band understand the vibe that the we were aiming for and to deliver music to help set the mood in-game – an epic, sci-fi tone with self-aware sense of humor. Their tracks can be heard throughout the game, setting the mood or punctuating moments of victory, loss, or laughter.


For more music from Incoherent Future, click below to check out their Bandcamp Page: